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Longevis is an insulation and kit expert with a manufacturing and distribution center in Haimen, Jiangsu. As a certified channel partner by ABB insulation companies and other international companies, the center is customized to be a "one-stop-shop" of insulation, accessories and equipment for distribution & power transformers.

We can supply Midel Oil, and distribute insulation materials. In addition, the center also supplies accessories such as Lignostone densified wood, rods and nuts; Buchholz relays, pressure relief valves, oil level indicatiors, breathers, and butterfly valves; off load tap changers; oil temperature and winding temperature indicators; neutral earthing resistors, earthing transformers, CT, and insulators; transformer manufacturing machines.

Products on promotion:

Midel 7131 High Quality Oil

Transformer Accessories [pdf_6.2MB] CHS

Insulation [pdf_3.17MB] CHS

Neutral earthing resistors [pdf 6.65MB] CHS]

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