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Transformer Insulation
    Crepe paper
    Crepe paper tubes
    Diamond dotted
    Kraft paper
    Duct spacing
    Fabricated parts
    High density pressboard
    Electric Polyester film

 Transformer oil
    Midel oil

  Transformer accessories
  Oil & winding indicator
  Butterfly valves
  Flexible tubes
  Gate valves
  Ball valves
  Air cells
  Neutral earthing resistors
  Terminal blocks & lugs

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Midel Oil

Neutual earthing resistors


Lignostone® has excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. It is commonly used as structural insulation in electrical apparatus, conveyor wearstrips and curves, LNG pipe supports, pattern plates, woodworking machine tables, gears, gear racks, and die boards. Its unique composition provides shielding against nuclear radiation which is useful in some medical and defense applications.

Lignostone® Applications:

  • Threaded rod and nuts
  • Pressure rings coil supports
  • Blocking
  • Core supports
  • Support beams
  • Lead supports
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