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Midel Oil

Neutual earthing resistors


Transformer accessories


Breathers are transparent hollow cylinder tubes which contain chemically pure silicium salt (silicagel) with colored indicator. The air breathed inside the transformer due to the thermal contraction of the oil mass, passes through the silicagel.

Magnetic oil level indicators

The magnetic oil level indicators has been specially studied for use on power transformer to give analogical indications of the oil level inside the conservator by a graduated dial with arrow plus one or more electric signal (max 4 signals)

Pressure relief valve

When it is required to limit the pressure rise and to prevent excessive mechanical stress of walls, it is necessary to use
a safety valve with precise overpressure reading capabilities.

Buchholz relay

A Buchholz relay is a control and security instrument, which detects abnormal working states of components inside a transformer, thus consequently minimizes the spread of any damage to other functioning parts in a transformer.

The Buchholz relay is particularly efficient in the following events:
-partial discharge between functioning parts and core, or tank
-short-circuits in coils
-bad electric contacts
-oil leakage from the tank/radiators/tubes
- unexpected penetration of air into the system due to the circulating pumps
-overheating inside the transformer
-any other disturbance which may create gas or oil surge


CPR protective relay

Power transformers usually prevent mineral oil contacting air (which contains water due to humidity) using a rubber bag fitted inside conservator tank.The air inside the conservator (due to a microscopic accident inside rubber bag) may cause catastrophic results.

The gas detector relay type CPR has been specially developed in order to detect this kind of failure. The relay is designed in a way that it is able to collect the gas inside itself and give an electric signal as soon as the level of accumulated gas reaches a predetermined value.

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